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All Natural Sheep Skin Hides

Locally Tanned, Uniquely Yours

The variety in coats amongst our flock makes for interesting and unique hides. The texture of hair sheep can be thick and soft, just like wool, or more wiry, ideal for use as a rug or wall decor. The hair sheep skin hides share the same magical properties as wool, such as temperature regulation and naturally occurring lanolin oil, which creates a layer of antimicrobial and antibacterial protection. In fact, they technically are wool, they are referred to as hair due to the fact that they shed out each spring on their own and do not require shearing. We do not treat our animal's coats with anything other than loving hands. The hides are harvested in the winter when their hair is it's thickest. Catherine Creek Hides is an incredible resource to have in the NE corner of the state and we are proud to be able to utilize their services.  

We aim to use the whole animal and value the choice to make one of these gorgeous hides your own. With a $75 deposit, we will work individually with you to land on a fair price. They typically range from $200-$300

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