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Boer Nubian Wether $175 - SOLD

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

DOB: 7/24/22

Breed: 75% Boer, 25% Nubian

Birth weight: 8 lbs

Type of Birth: Singlet

Current weight: approx 25-40 lbs

Dam raised, this wether will be weaned and ready to re-home by mid-October. He is super loving (like his mama who was born on our farm) and as curious as a goat gets! He is in great health. CD&T will be administered at weaning. No de-wormer or other medications have been required. His Dam tested negative for Johne's disease, Lentivirus (CAE/OPP), and Mycoplasma Ovipneumoniae in June 2022.

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