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Breeding Stock Ewe $225 - SOLD

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

DOB: 3/17/19

Breed: Katahdin Dorper X

Birth weight: approx 9 lbs

Type of Birth: Singlet

Current weight: approx 150lbs

This is Pattie. She was born and raised on our farm. She is a big, strong, healthy ewe who has had 3 easy lambing seasons with us. She consistently gives birth to large lambs who grow quickly. Lambing and mothering is easy for her and she manages to keep weight on while producing a lot of milk. We are attempting to bring our numbers of breeding stock down and although I hate to part with such a reliable mama, I feel that her age and experience makes her a good sell. She is a mix of Katahdn and Dorper breeds of unknown percentages. She is up to date on CD&T vaccinations. She has a high resistance to parasites, with the need to de-worm only on occasion (less than once per year) for botfly. Otherwise, she has not required de-wormer for internal parasites or for any other health issue. She tested negative for Johne's disease, Lentivirus (CAE/OPP), and Mycoplasma Ovipneumoniae in June 2022.

For an additional fee, we can breed her to a completely unrelated (I do not line breed) purebred Dorper ram or purebred Katahdin ram

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