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Retired Ewes - SOLD

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

These ladies are ready for the next adventure. They are no longer fit for our breeding program.

The top three pictures are of Goldie, born March 2021 as a singlet. She is 50/50 Dorper/Katahdin. She was born on our farm, has had no health issues (aside from mastitis), has never been given de-wormer, and has nice hooves. She had one beautiful season of lambing and was then treated for clinical mastitis.

The bottom three pictures are of Bonnie, born August 22, 2016 as a twin. Bonnie joined our flock in 2021. She is a registered, purebred White Dorper (EP134147). She is a gentle spirit, a loving flock member, and a dedicated mama. She has been willing to foster a lamb that does not belong to her, making the choice for retirement a very difficult one. She has some udder issues that make nursing difficult when her lambs are first born, so we have had to supplement with a bottle and want to steer away from that scenario. Bonnie is generally healthy, with good parasite resitence. Her hooves are a bit wonky, but after a year plus of consistent trimming, we have seen improvement.

Both have tested negative for Johne's disease, Lentivirus (CAE/OPP), and Mycoplasma Ovipneumoniae in June 2022

Both ladies weigh between 165-200 lbs.

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