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Ewe Lamb $175 - SOLD

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

DOB: 3/18/22

Breed: 50% Dorper, 50% Katahdin

Birth weight: approx 8 lbs

Type of Birth: Twin

Current weight: approx 70-80lbs

This ewe lamb is available for purchase right away. She comes from a purebred Katahdin ram and a purebred Dorper Ewe The sire lineage carries very strong genetics, ideal for breeding or for an easy to keep pasture pet. Her dam was taken in as a rescue, and although she has been a fantastic animal, we have removed her from our breeding program. She had one problem free lambing season with us, and then seemed to develop some enlarged udders, which made for inefficient nursing of her young. She also has poor hoof health. As this ewe lamb of hers develops, I can see that her black hooves are in ideal condition, just like her Sire. I do not know if the udder issues are genetic. So, I am offering her with the disclaimer that her Dam may pass on undesirable traits.

After birth, she and her twin brother were upright and nursing within minutes. She comes from stock who shed easily, keep weight on well, grow thick coats, and are hearty in all weather. She has high parasite resistance, her hooves are strong and healthy, she has been handled a lot and is very friendly and easy to keep. CD&T has been administered. No de-wormer or other medications have been required. Tested negative for Johne's disease, Lentivirus (CAE/OPP), and Mycoplasma Ovipneumoniae in June 2022

For an additional fee, we can breed her to a completely unrelated (I do not line breed) purebred Dorper ram

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