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Rich Soil, Fresh Mountain Run-Off, and Lots of Love

Pastured lamb at the foot of the Eagle Cap Mountain Range

At Paisley Farms, we specialize in an exceptional mix of two hair sheep breeds: Katahdin & Dorper. Raised for breeding stock quality and exceptional meat, both breeds are low maintenance; requiring no shearing (as they naturally shed), minimal hoof trimming, no tail docking, and a high resistance to parasites. They are docile & adaptable, ideal foragers, and efficient weight gainers. They lamb easily, with strong mothering instincts, good milk production, and incredibly low rejection rates; lambs are born strong, alert, and instinctual. The lean meaty carcass of the Katahdin combined with the heavily muscled carcass of the Dorper results in a consistent, mild flavor with just the right amount of fat on the meat. They are adapted for cold climates, happily bedding down in snow on the coldest of nights. A peaceful, grounding presence on the pasture, they bring deep joy to our whole family, eventually rippling out to you.

Synching up with the vibration of joy, we also raise Nubian Boer cross goats as exceptional breeding stock, pasture grazing management, and milk production for personal consumption. Every day is a good day to be a goat!

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