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Meat & Hides

With a focus on well cared for soil, organic pasture management, and prioritizing the health and well being of each animal, we aim to create longevity for the land and for the breeding stock. In turn, the deep care we pour into our farm translates to your table.

Image by José Ignacio Pompé

Grass fed, with plenty of pasture to roam, the lambs live a peaceful existence. The conditions here at Paisley Farms grows nutritious, delicious meat. The breed mix delivers a mild flavor with just the right amount of melt in your mouth fat.

Image by Tim Foster

Making use of these amazing hides is simply a dream come true. The welcoming, warming nature of the fiber can add a calming, cozy vibe to your home, your yoga mat, or the place you lay your baby down. However you make use of them, trust that the hypoallergenic, grounding properties will stay with you for many many years to come.

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