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Bred Yearling Ewe $250 - SOLD

Updated: Mar 3

DOB: 4/1/23

Breed: approx 25% Dorper, 75% Katahdin

Birth weight: 9.6 lbs

Type of Birth: Twin

Current weight: approx 110 -118 lbs (Nov 2023)

This ewe lamb comes from strong breeding stock genetics from both the Dam and the Sire. After birth, she and her twin sister were upright and nursing within minutes.

Her dam is an unknown mix of Katahdin and Dorper breeds and her sire is purebred Katahdin. Both Dam and Sire are pictured.

Her coat is brown with some white markings and a combination of white and black hooves. She has an incredibly thick coat, and should have an easy time shedding in the spring. She is a great size and conformation to consider breeding this fall.

Our lambs are raised on high quality feed and are efficient foragers and weight gainers. Our flock has a high resistance to parasites and have tested negative for Johne's disease, Lentivirus (CAE/OPP), and Mycoplasma Ovipneumoniae on an annual basis. Hooves are genetically sound and strong.

No pesticides are used on our pasture. We have not needed to administer any de-wormer, antibiotics, or insecticide. Selenium paste has been administered and they have free access to mineral salts and sea kelp. CD& T was given at weaning (June 10th), and boosted on July 14th.

$100 deposit required. For an additional fee, we can breed her to a completely unrelated (we do not line breed) purebred Dorper ram

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